weddingphotoboothWedding photo booths can provide a creative guestbook for the bride and groom, and the pictures work well as favors for guests. In addition, they provide fun for everyone at the wedding reception. However, photo booth rental can be expensive, which means that often are not an option for couples budget. Create a homemade photo booth for your wedding reception to enjoy the fun without the high cost.


1 Identify the corner of your reception venue to serve as your photo booth. Select an area that is away from the main seating area. Find an area where you can set a background.

2 Set up a table with a digital camera and digital photo printer.

3 Create photo booth. Hang solid color fabric on the walls --- consider using a deep red to reflect the color standard photo booth drapery. Colors like black, navy blue and black also work well. The fabric must adequately cover the wall that you are using as your background Photo Booth --- it is at least 7 meters high by 10 meters wide. Attach the fabric to the wall with a hammer and nails --- just check with your local guarantee permission to do so.

4 Add props on the table for guests, when they represent. Consider fun designs and amusing as hats, feather boas, scarves, sunglasses, silk flowers, and even fake facial hair.

5 Train a photo booth attendant at the table to invite guests and take their photos.

6 Connect your digital camera to the digital photo printer. Instructing the attendant booth to take photo print of  two copies for each photo: one for guests to take home, and one to add to the guestbook. Have each guest to sign the guest book beside his photograph.